Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover


Will – The whole book is from his perspective and it’s really different from the first book because I never realise how needy he is. I never really had problems with his justification but he’s so needy while trying to be responsible and do the right thing and it’s kind of a weird mix. I wouldn’t say I love him but he’s decent enough.

Lake – So whiney! Like some of it just seemed really forced and I don’t know. I prefer reading from Lake’s perspective. It’s a lot more interesting because from an outside perspective she just seems really moody and frustrating and just childish.

Eddie – I wish there was more of her and Lake’s relationship and I miss that spark and fire that she had in the first book.

Gavin – There wasn’t really enough development and I don’t quite know the point in having him and Eddie around in all honesty.

Kel and Caulder – They are still the funny element of the book and the little thing of them having crushes is really cute and sweet and a little bit funny.

Kiersten – Best character in the whole book. She was what made the story better and interesting and funny and was just what it needed.

Sherry – Since there’s no mum about she’s the maternal figure of the story along with Kiersten and it’s a really important role to bring perspective and have someone around to


It’s very in your face and lovey dovey and sickly sweet but you must know that going in. There are quite a few ups and downs in the relationship and that’s the main point of the story so beware.


Again, just like the first book there isn’t much to it. It all pretty much happens in the same locations and it’s just comfortable.


The story was really over dramatic and more so compared to the first book but it’s still interesting enough if that’s what you’re in the mood for. I don’t read an awful lot of contemporary or romance novels but I’ve been trying to break it up and bit so it fills that role. Like there’s enough diversity and events to keep it interesting and is really quick to get through.


Pretty standard and I like the poetry/slam segments but there’s nowhere near the same amount as the first book. I do however like Will’s journal entries at the beginning of a chapter are actually really enjoyable and a nice addition.


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