Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I really enjoyed this and as long as you accept it I think most people will.


This is a pretty decent bunch overall.

Anna – She goes through waves but for the most part I like her, she starts off a bit weak but as time passes she gains more insight and knowledge into her behaviour and others. She acts very jelous and tries to make others feel the same way she does. It’s nice that she finally accepts Paris and her situation however badly she handles it.

St. Clair- I like him because I have an English boyfriend so I’m very biased because he reminds me of my relationship with him mannerisms and choice of words. I’m used to being teased and tormented so this felt really familiar with me which was nice. There wasn’t enough depth to hi and we didn’t really get the full picture such as his flaws; the main one being he can’t stand up for himself?

Meredith – I like her but we don’t really get to know much about her so I would like to know more about who she is and what she stands for rather than just football and being in love with St Clair. I think she could have been more of a developed character.

Rashmi – She was vital in turning points and forcing Anna to come to terms with reality and was the one to show her the things she was blind to.

Josh – I don’t know, he was just the obligatory best friend who was there for St Clair and give Anna the little hidden insight.

Bridgette – She seemed so important and then just not. I think it was completely ridiculous of Anna to act in the way she did. It was just overdramatic for what it was and that their friendship essentially meant nothing, not even the chance for her to explain.


Technically this is just a book about cheating…. And I’m not an advocate for it but when you get into this you need to accept it and accept that it’s Anna and St Clair learning each other and becoming friends when you know it will be something more. It’s also easier because it’s made quite clear that Ellie is not to be liked and I think this is really unfair because we don’t get enough of an insight to make that decision. I like the way they connect but it took too long for the crash to happen. Anna should not have accepted Étienne not ending his relationship for so long. And that’s the main problem. I wasted just a little bit more of them being together in a relationship rather than the awkward unknowing of categorisation.

I would not categorise this as insta-love, she had an infatuation for a pretty boy that then developed. This in my book is ok because sometimes you just want a guy with callipygian.


I like the way Paris is portrayed, most people are just too turousity about it and I think this book relies on people knowing the tropes of Paris, which isn’t a bad thing, but the reader knowing Paris is really what creates the setting.


There are plenty of flaws, who would send their daughter to Paris but I can forgive that because it’s not the point. It’s just a nice place to have a love story isn’t it?


What I really liked was the way you could tell the emotion and inclination of speech and you could hear it. I was emotionally attached and kept telling myself I had to sleep and it took 2 hours and 100 pages before finding an appropriate stopping point. The writing really draws you in and you can’t let it go and you just need it. I liked that things were interlinked and what was happening in school was also being related to Anna and her situation.






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