Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare- Infernal devices 3

So I’m finally ready to write my full review of Clockwork Princess after reflecting on it for a week. There will be spoilers; it’s the 3rd book. This book has a lot of faults for me so if you’re not interested in reading that then this isn’t for you.


There are a lot of characters in this but it’s pretty easy to keep track of the main side characters but it is a bit trickier with the minor roles such as the Consul. The Shadowhuter world is very based around surnames making it is easier to keep track of families and their affiliations and is also a nice throwback to the mortal instruments and seeing which family continued such as Charlotte’s child being Fairchild which is Clary’s family.

Tessa – I don’t like her, she’s too much of a damsel in distress and then suddenly she’s meant to be this great powerful woman with magic but we see less of her power in this book. I don’t understand why she keep trying to save herself and then it makes no difference; there’s no need for it, I would rather it not be in it because these scenes make me less inclined toward her. It was annoying her saying that you can love two people and hearing her inner thoughts, I don’t hate her but we certainly would not be friends or affiliated. I do admit that the ending with her and her immortality is nice and I like that she seemed to have developed and I would like more of that version of Tessa in the present day.

Will – I don’t like Will. I just don’t and there’s no point discussing it because no one seems to agree.

Jem aka Brother Zachariah-  Jem is pure and true and beautiful. And he had always been, his character grew throughout the story and his passion and love grew and he just worked as a character. Him being Brother Zachariah was just a really nice addition and didn’t feel shoehorned in and I really enjoyed that aspect.

Cecily – I liked her involvement but there’s just not an awful lot of her to really dig into. I like her fire and determination and it was just refreshing in this story having someone who knows where there head is at.

Charlotte – She went through a lot in this book and the end was really rewarding. I’m glad she kept at it and you saw her struggle and come to terms with everything while still staying strong and being the mother goose of the family.

Magnus Bane – I don’t know how I would have felt if he wasn’t int his book, he was just the key piece to so many stories and I really like him and he was funny and daft but strong and got the job done. I can’t wait to read the Bane Chronicles


Don’t get me started. I don’t like Will and Tessa and I was routing for Jem and Tessa but I do not agree with her getting both. I don’t think she should have been with Will end of, or I will compromise and say that I needed to see Will’s character grow and change and their relationship not happen until further down the line.  Tessa jumped way too quickly after finding Jem had died and it was just ridiculous. I’m seriously concerned for the people who think that’s ok and like Will and Tessa but it’s a major opinion that I don’t agree with.

For this being a major element of the story I did not enjoy it or agree with a large portion of it and it just wasn’t right for me.

Sophie and Gideon are lovely if not a bit stumbly as well as Gabriele and Cecily who are just a power couple.


I found this harder because I was born in Scotland and I know a lot of the city and counties and some of it didn’t feel right. At one point I’m sure Wales was being called Yorkshire and I was just too confused. I don’t have the problem when it’s American states of different countries because I don’t have that knowledge to enforce on the book but when I know where everything is, it’s really hard and draws me out of the story but I can’t blame the writing for this.


I like where it went but it was too long and I wish some parts were cut out and others were focused on. Such as the whole saving Jem….. What was the point; it didn’t add anything and everything happening to Tessa. I would rather a bigger fight with Mortmain. Like the culmination of 3 books was finished in 20 pages and then we had 100 pages of everything after. I think that ruined the pacing of the book in these sections but overall it went quite well and flowed nicely although it was a tad too long for me.


I’ve always liked the way Cassandra Clare writes and that’s why I keep coming back and why people can read these so fast due to it being whimsical and sweet.


This was done poorly, he died too easily and was just a disappointment because then the main focus of the story wasn’t this so why was it treated like the end of the world. I know that it continues because of the Mortal Instruments but I just think it was trying to work out too perfectly. I can see where the breadcrumbs were put in the story so I knew it was coming but it was too quick and you didn’t get to savour it or panic when it was happening or try and speculate who was going to make it out. But no, everyone has to live don’t they?


They got their relationship, Tessa found out what she was and Mortmain is dead.

My main overall problem is that Cassandra Clare just tried to please everyone and make everything work out and for me that doesn’t work. I admire her being able to find a reason for each resolve but sometimes people need to die such as Max; that was an impact. I know it may feel like I’m being very negative but I did enjoy this book I would just have liked a little bit more and some changes would just make it a piece of gold.

2 thoughts on “Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare- Infernal devices 3

  1. Oh my gosh I thought I was the only person on the planet who doesn’t like Tessa!! Everyone I know just loves her and I never understood why. She’s not awful, but she’s no Clary.

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