Reached by Ally Condie (Matched #3)

This series is so weird. It feels like it’s two books with two different stories. The only thing linking them is the characters but they don’t feel like the same characters from the beginning. It doesn’t feel well connected and I didn’t know what I was getting into in this last book and it wasn’t a pleasant surprise.


The characters are not the strong point of this story and for the general part they are just kind of annoying. They are each different and you can tell them apart but I don’t really like the main characters.


I don’t know why it was trying to be a love triangle when it so clearly wasn’t. Apart from that this story was no longer about the romance element like the first two books.


We do learn more about the world and the history and backstory which is nice. World building in the last book in a series isn’t really that important because you can’t have it going forward because it’s the end. It was nice to get the questions answered but it wasn’t all that interesting apart from the information bout he plague and how it came into effect. There is a lot of moving about and flashbacks so it’s hard to keep track of.


It’s about a rebellion and a plague that mutates and then having to survive and find a cure. How this series got here I could not tell you. Everything just feels so disjointed and the time jumps in too large a section that you don’t know why people are acting like things are ending because you haven’t experienced that. This book tries to tell you how you should feel rather than portraying a point of view that you have the decision to side with and to be involved and have that emotional attachment.


It’s dull and boring and just nothing heart wrenching or suspenseful happens, it just need that extra kick, a hit of chilli in your standard mac and cheese to really give it some depth and meaning.  I like complex, I’ve read so many books and studied drama that I can tell where things are going so I need someone to give me difficulty sometimes and I need that little bit more.


It’s fine, it is not good enough nor bad enough to be noteworthy. The inclusion of poetry and songs and creative outlets are enjoyable and brings in a different aspect but this doesn’t save the overall storyline


The Society is meant to be the bad guy in this I think but they are more an opposing force which you’re not really seeing you just know it’s bad.


The plague is cured and there is now a voting system picking three parties.

This was a shame for me; it was not the same disappointment for me as A Dream of God and Monsters by Laini Taylor because the first two books were not nearly on the same level as the daughter of smoke and bones series. But it’s a let-down because it turned into something that I don’t think it should have. It tried to be more than average and that for me made it worse.


4 thoughts on “Reached by Ally Condie (Matched #3)

  1. I didn’t even get to this one, I read the first book Matched and was somewhat intrigued, but when I started book two Crossed I gave up after a few chapters. So I’m glad to hear I didn’t miss anything in giving this one up!!


    • I liked the first two when I read them but I know I’m in the minority for that. But this one just didn’t feel connected to the series.

      There are better books out there and I’m just kind of sad that I’ve spent so much time trying to get through this book but I’m glad I know now for myself. I didn’t really want to read reviews because a lot of them aren’t positive and I wanted to give Reached a fair shot.

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