Slammed by Colleen Hoover

So this was something completely different for me and I don’t normally always like the romance element in a lot of the books but since this was more the main focus then I enjoyed it. I’ve been watching BooksAndLala recently because she reads a very different style from me. She has a guide to Colleen Hoover here: (, and that what I used to pick up Slammed.

I also read this in one day which was weird but that could be down to me reading fantasy with is a lot more intense and harder to get through so that’s probably the reason why.


I like Lake although I do find her a bit moany but it’s not so bad that I hate her. She’s going through a lot and I think Will helps her develop and he is actually one of the few male romantic interests that I actually like. His hot and cold is frustrating but not because it isn’t understandable, he has a lot going on in his life which is interesting to learn more about unlike with Lake which is less.

I really enjoyed the side characters as they brought a funny side of things when there was so much angst going on. I really like Eddie and her backstory and I would like more of her but I also enjoy what we get. The brothers are also so great and really become a family.


There is instalove but that’s the only rewarding romantic element in this book because it is more focused on them not getting to be together. I think you need to read it but I enjoyed it although the being apart did get a bit much as it progressed.


There isn’t really much to the setting; it could pretty much be anywhere but it isn’t the focus of the book and it isn’t confusing and I tend to have the problem where I am drawn out of the story because I’m trying to figure our the world to better understand it and that didn’t happen in this. Which is the reason I think I was able to get through it s quickly even though it is quite a short read it is really uncommon for me to do it anytime apart from summer.


I don’t like poetry but it wasn’t so overwhelming that I hated it so it was nice to have that as a central focus. This is an emotional ride which is different to the stories I’ve read before. It is happening after a tragic event in Lakes life and her having to readjust to life and it is so nice to just see someone trying to deal with it.


The writing isn’t really anything special but it’s engaging in the way that it is not overly complex and it’s enjoyable and reads so quickly.

I was up till 1 reading this book and I get up early because I let myself be woken up by the sun but it was so with it and I’m now so desperate for the next book and more of the story and as soon as I have it I think it will jump to the top of the pile to be read and all the other great books just have to step aside which si fine because ti will probably read very quickly.

Also, if anyone has an recommendations similar to this then that would be really nice as I don’t know much about the genre and I would like to branch out a bit.

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