The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

This ending was too perfect. It wrapped up into a pretty perfect little bow just that bit too easy and it may be cynical of me that I don’t want perfection.

I love the world and the magic and Shadowhunters but I don’t love Will or Tessa so it makes it harder to appreciate. Jem is my fictional soulmate, I’m infatuated with him and his demeanour unlike Will. It appeared throughout this that it was so easy for Will to be redeemed and he wasn’t to me. His actions just swung too far in the other direction that it didn’t feel right. I understand why Jem completely accepted Will but with the others I don’t. I enjoyed the additional characters and stories and different points of view, it broke up the story but there’s so much poinlessness to some of the things that happened in this and just that really bogged it down for me.

It’s hard to write much because everything happens but I did not cry, I did not tear up. This was beautifully written but due to my country of birth I know a lot of the setting and story and what happened in Britain which drew me out of the story. I may need time to reflect on it and write a full review but I’m content and that’s about the most I can say. For me it was just that bit too long with the minor things taking chapters to work through and then the culmination being too swift and quick. I don’t think this series captured me the same as the Mortal Instruments.

I would recommend reading this series but The Mortal Instruments is just that bit better.


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