The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

The feeling of finishing a book is a strange one. Some leave you happy and fulfilled, others are disappointing, and some leave you contemplating; needing the next chapter, the next adventure, the next great book.

This overall way pleasantly good, not because the world exploded and there was a big fight but because it was a well-constructed and well written story where you travelled with the characters; the many perspectives enlightening you to the entire cast.

There are a lot of characters in this but you’re introduced to them gradually so that it feels natural and like it is in real life. There are some you are great friends with and close family, then there are the acquaintances and distant family and then there are those that are known by reputation and rumours.

It’s hard to talk about this story about ruining it but considering it’s the second book I’ll lead off of the basis that the first books been read.


This story is hugely important for character development and to me this story seems more about the main cast and how they go on this journey trying to find Glendower.

Gansey and Blue don’t go through much development but there is not as much as a reason for them to change as there is with Adam and Ronan. Although I love Blue, she just gets on with it and that is enjoyable in a female character because I think I’m a bit like that as well as the fact that I dress weird; like in band t-shirts, jeans, and converse/docs. She isn’t so much pining after boys although she feels excluded from the group but not because none of them are falling head over heels with her but more because she’s disconnected due to their school.

I hate Adam. I don’t think I’m meant to like him but I have no interest in him, like if he was real I would give him a good shake. I worked for everything in my life and did everything to get to where I am today. I should have a degree before I’m 21 and that’s because I sacrificed and worked so hard for everything and I don’t think he’s portrayed particularly well because he’s jealous and spiteful and it is just really unappealing to me.

I like Ronan and I think his change is most dramatic and is really for the best, he grows to understand his abilities and his Dad which is a really good change because you grow to understand him and his backstory. I really enjoyed his perspective and along with Blue’s he was my favourite to read.

I think Gansey really took a backseat in this book which you could see him struggling with because he wanted to be in control but there wasn’t much happening with Glendower for him to shine.


It’s just great. It really builds on the first book throwing up challenges, not so much in relation to Glendower, but more in terms of the magic and the ley line and Cabeswater. And I think it was good to have this book to explain more around this aspect because it is really interesting. There was a bit of a cliff-hanger but I’m not angry, it seemed like a nice stopping point, not sudden, or out of place. I do want to find out what has happened but I am not desperate which is unusual.


The story is very centralised but done very well, we get to move around a little which offers a nice break when a lot is happening and it gives the characters a breather.


There wasn’t so much of the overarching storyline but it does allow a more detailed explanation of the world which enhances the story of Glendower but there is still plenty of mystery to keep you intrigued.


I struggle with Maggie Steifvater’s writing, not because it’s bad but just the flow and ebb is difficult when I spend so much time doing other things and it’s hard to devote an entire session to sitting down and focusing on reading which is what would work best while reading her books in my opinion. I still enjoyed it but I don’t think I appreciated it as much as many other people probably did. I tend to find a lot of foreshadowing and discover what is happening especially with Kavinsky which was a little disappointing but I’m used to it.


Mr. Gray and Maura – I love them, this was the best romantic element of the book;

Blue and Adam – I hate them;

Blue and Gansey – why not, the almost kiss was so sad, like, it was just a shame;

Ronan and Kavinsky – I was routing for it but for good reasons it didn’t work out.

Overall this story isn’t about romance, it’s more about relationships and friendships but it is more something you have to read to enjoy. They’re done so well and you get the ups and downs just like in real life and that’s the best part about this series. You have the fantasy and the magic but the people seem more like real people in which you can be involved with.


I’m enjoying the single villain aspect so far. It keeps it new and sets up new problems to tackle without it getting stale.


Glendower is still a mystery but the ley line and Cabeswater is now stable and fixed and should allow for the next portion to find more information out about Glendower.

I can’t wait to pick up Blue Lily, Lily Blue but I’ve got quite a few books to read before getting there but I most certainly will continue.


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