Top Ten Series I Need to Finish

So, I’m struggling to read at the moment, not because of a slump but I’m a third year accounting student at university and this means a lot of work so I pretty much have no free time. Do you know how to do an income tax computation and try and create an automatic excel computation full of formula from scratch? No? Didn’t think so, you lot have lives.
Anyway, I currently have I currently have 12+ active series (that I can complete or could complete this year) that I have yet to finish and a lot of these just involve reading the last book but I love to start a series and refuse to end them.
So here’s the top 10 series I would like to complete in 2016
1. The Infernal Devices
Clockwork princess
This is just unacceptable but in my defense I didn’t know how I could live without having a Cassandra Clare book to read.
2. The Raven Cycle
I’ll get there, I like the story but I can struggle with Maggie Stiefvater’s writing, not because it’s bad but sometimes I struggle to let myself accept the flow of it.
3. The Lunar Chronicles
To be fair, I only started this last June so give me a break.
4. The Heroes of Olympus
I love these books but there’s just a lot happening in life, I’m sorry, ok?
5. The Winner’s Trilogy

I liked the political side of things and this would just be a nice break for this year

6.  The Legend Series
I started and put down Champion because I wasn’t in the mood but I gave it a go so I’ll just keep trying.
7. Hush, Hush
I read this 2/3 years ago but I liked it and every so often I remember the story so I should continue on. The ending is still fresh in my mind which is weird for me because usually I just forget them and move on.
8. Across the universe
I think the issue for me with this series is that I read the first and thought it would just be one story; I had no clue it was a series when I started. The same issue falls into the Throne of Glass series, I thought that was only 3 book so I’ve struggled to pick up Queen of Shadows but I love that story and that world so I’ll get to all the books eventually.
9. Matched
I have the last book, I’ve got it. It’ss is getting read after The Dream Thieves then Clockwork Princess. I don’t read a lot of love stories or dystopian so I started it so I just need to end it
10. Harry Potter
harry potter
This is ambitious but I am a reading powerhouse over summer and who says I can’t read 6 books in 2 weeks? No one, especially if Scotland gets some sun this year; however I do have a summer internship but I’m a girl on a mission.
I decided to just show the books of the series I had to read except with Harry Potter but I’ve only read the first book so there wasn’t much point only showing 2-7.
Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful time and are enjoying your lives whereas I’m going back to a thing called Forwards, Futures, and Options, what are they? Don’t worry about it, you may live a carefree live and not have to calculate using a thing called a normal distribution table.
Exciting times we live in.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Series I Need to Finish

    • Oh no, I’ve read them. I just need to force myself to finish it. They’re really good. That’s the only Cassandra Clare book I haven’t read and I just know I’ll be really upset when it’s done. That’s my main problem.


      • It is upsetting, but honestly, when I finished…it felt like I was closing a chapter of my own life. It’s kind of heartbreaking, but kind of comforting, too. (Also: the first time I finished it, I sat on my couch and cried for a good hour. At some point my then 3-year-old brother came over and asked me if the book hit me. I told him, “it hit me right in the heart, buddy.”


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