Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Overall a really enjoyable read and definitely a must read but a more detailed explanation is as follows.

Main Characters: Just like the name of the book our main character is Scarlet but also Cinder from the first novel. These two character’s stories run side by side so starting with Scarlet.

As a general consensus I like her, she is quite independent and strong and seems to be quite self-sufficient and family orientated which could be questioned when it comes to the relationship with her father. I had a serious problem when it came to her motives, she is deadest on finding her Grandmother, Michelle, but she does not consider it enough and the rescue mission is a bit too rushed. She doesn’t consider her Grandmother’s motives or reasons for not revealing information and Scarlet just goes bombarding in giving little care about Michelle’s viewpoint or either of their safety. However, she perseveres and that can’t be faulted and she just deals with things, she is very stubborn and that can be a pain because a scene drags on for too long due to this. We are forced to try and bond with Michelle but I would respect Scarlet more if she did what she was told to do because it made sense and Scarlet keeps getting herself into precarious situations due to this issue.

So moving onto Cinder, I really liked her in the first book and I really like her in the second. In too many books the hero is just meant to accept their responsibility for no reason and Cinder doesn’t do this. Yes, she finally takes up her calling and I don’t quite agree with her reasoning for it but, at least, she has the time to reflect on it throughout the story. I still like her proactive attitude and the skills she has that make her useful. Cinder is more reluctant whereas Scarlet is a lot more headstrong and jumps into the role and forces Cider to take responsibility.

In terms of how they interact with each other, there’s not a lot to go on but I don’t know how they will meld together because they are very different in terms of personality but I think Scarlet will be good for pushing Cinder and the story forward.

Side/supporting characters:

Kai- Kai in this story is weak and I would prefer we not see things from his perspective but it be closer to the first book where you learn what he is doing and thinks but the news preferences. Overall it isn’t worth it and would probably be better for it not to be included and leave that as a mystery, but due to the romantic element of the series we must see that he is still interested in Cinder even though she is a cyborg and maybe even a lunar.

Michelle- She is so minor and yet so important, there is so much in her storyline that sheds so much light on Cinder’s past and the whole underlying plot of the series. We don’t get much about her and it is more from a second-hand perspective but it works well; there’s enough to retain interest but not too much to make the whole story redundant.

Thorne- I personally am not a fan of his character but I understand his role in the story. He pushes things forward and gives Cinder a place to go as well as offering some comedic relief and be the ability to move the story forward by having the capability to do things.

Iko – Iko’s back! I like Iko, she’s a nice addition to the character set; she’s funny and cute and fan-girly and she’s not really necessary but sometimes I think that it’s ok to have a friend that you can just talk to and rely on.

Wolf – I don’t like Wolf, I just don’t. There’s not much to say about him, it’s fairly tropey and expected but being added to the set to help Cinder with being Lunar is the only important part of him.

Setting: We get to see another part of the world which I like ad get a little bit of history of what has happened in the world and the futuristic world being contrasted with the old destroyed architecture of France. This story is not reliant on the world for the most part so the world-building is not required but there is a nice gradual building that seems to be going throughout the series.

Romance: This is the weakest point for me, I hate Wolf and Scarlet, it isn’t right and doesn’t really make sense and I just don’t like it and don’t know if I would rather it be different or Scarlet be with someone else but I understand the need for wolf in the overarching goal but I would prefer them not to try and be together but I dislike the way it is done.

Story- Solid. It went by so quickly having the two storylines and they were both enjoyable to read. There isn’t much to say about it, just overall a good read.

Overall plot: It’s starting to come together and the overarching storyline is beginning to take off and I’m really excited to see it develop

Villain: I hate Levana and it’s so great. She isn’t meant to be liked and everything she does makes you angry and you just want to see her destroyed. We still don’t really see why she is the way she is so I just put it down to vanity and insecurity which isn’t a good reason but it’s all we’ve got to go on. I’m still in two minds about reading Fairest but with it being so short I think I may as well. I’m sick of the villains that you sort of like or think is attractive, this is a breath of fresh air. There is no moral dilemma, she needs to get gone.

Goal: Not yet accomplished but the end of Scarlet is really only the beginning of taking on Levana.

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